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Each kit comes with a full centerpiece (as shown!) and one place setting per person. So, pick your table size or guest count, and we'll provide the rest!

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Step into elegance with Amethyst, the ultimate tablescape for any occasion. With a rich and regal purple color palette, Amethyst brings sophistication to any table. Picture a luxurious ballroom, with glittering chandeliers and polished silver, and you have the essence of Amethyst.

But don't let the opulence fool you - Amethyst is designed to make your life easy. Whether you're hosting a fancy dinner party or a casual gathering, Amethyst has you covered. No need to stress over table settings or decorations - Amethyst takes care of it all.

So why settle for a basic table when you can have the royal treatment with Amethyst? Elevate your event and impress your guests with this chic and stylish tablescape.

*Although we do our best to source the exact products shown in each listing, due to variability in manufacturing lots as well as availability of specific product inventory, some variation and/or replacements may occur.