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Boho Breeze

Boho Breeze

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Each kit comes with a full centerpiece (as shown!) and one place setting per person. So, pick your table size or guest count, and we'll provide the rest!

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Get ready to unleash the "Boho Breeze" tablescape, where baby blue boho styling meets casual class in a magical collision! Perfect for your prince’s birthday celebration, or gender-reveal parties, this scene-stealer will have everyone swooning. Picture a disposable blue scalloped table runner, gracefully cascading like waves of excitement. And let's not forget the reusable crystal centerpiece items, adding a touch of glamour and mystery to the mix. With sophisticated styling and a sprinkle of whimsy, "Boho Breeze" is your secret weapon to effortlessly transform any occasion into a show-stopping extravaganza. So get ready to make memories and create an unforgettable atmosphere that'll leave your guests breathless!

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